“I’ve been an active member of the SCCA because I like to be involved and know what’s going on with neighborhood businesses.”
SCCA Member: Rick Siewert, Siewert Cabinets

Proposed Franklin Special Services District

Are you a property owner or business owner on Franklin Ave? SCCA received a Great Streets grant to explore the feasibility of creating a Special Service District (SSD) on Franklin Avenue. This first public meeting is a chance for all business and property owners on Franklin (as well as Cedar Ave just north of Franklin and the blocks of Minnehaha Ave near Franklin) to come learn more about what a SSD is, discuss whether Franklin should have one, ask questions, and offer input on what services you’d like to see included. You’ll want to be at this meeting!

SCCA July Meeting:
Proposed Franklin Special Service District

Tuesday, July 30th
8:45 – 10 AM
The Playwrights’ Center | 2301 E Franklin

RSVPs requested – coffee & morning treats will be served. See the Meetings page on our website to rsvp. Questions? Contact Hillary at info@sewardbusiness.org.

What is a Special Service District?
A special service district is a defined area within the city where special services are rendered to improve a business district. Once property owners agree on the services they want, a service fee is assessed to all properties annually to fund the services. Special Service Districts may be established anywhere in the city but only business property (i.e., commercial, industrial, utility, or land zoned for commercial or industrial use) will be required to pay the service charge. Exempt properties can opt to pay it to support the SSD.

There are currently 16 Special Service Districts (SSD) in Minneapolis, where they’ve been used to improve and revitalize commercial corridors such as East Lake Street, Lyn-Lake, Eat Street and West Broadway. Services and amenities vary greatly per district but usually focus on creating a clean and safe environment where businesses can thrive. Services offered by a SSD go above and beyond standard City services and can include:
– sidewalk and street cleaning
– graffiti removal
– snow removal
– public safety initiatives
– capital improvements (trash receptacles, street lights, planters, etc.)
– banners & signage
– holiday decorations and lights
– landscaping
– marketing
– other needs as identified by the group

How is it paid for?
A Special Service District allows property owners in a commercial district to collectively assess themselves to fund enhanced services and other improvements. Usually the assessment is charged by linear foot, in this case based on your street frontage on Franklin, and added to your property taxes.

Join the Working Group:
If you own property or a business on Franklin Ave and would like to serve on the Franklin SSD Working Group, we will be meeting monthly through the fall. Our goal is to decide whether or not to move forward with forming a SSD, and if yes, what services it might include, and how it would be managed. Contact Hillary at info@sewardbusiness.org.

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