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Catch Some Rays! Consider Solar Power

Solar Panels on top of the Birchwood Cafe

Solar Panels on top of the Birchwood Cafe

Do you own your building?

Is your roof flat and unshaded?

Does your roof have 10 or more years of life left, or are you planning to replace it in 2015?

Does your business have a positive net worth?

If the answer to all of the above questions is yes, please make time in your schedule to attend an information session on this year’s Made in Minnesota rebate program. A simple, no-obligation application is due 2/28, and awards will be made based on a lottery system. Financing is available to qualifying businesses to make solar power a cash flow positive investment from the first year.

Several businesses in Seward already have solar power – the Birchwood, Seward Inc (the Pizza Luce building), 2111 East Franklin (the former Seward Coop), the current Seward Coop, Shabelle Grocery, and more. Join the growing trend of making Seward less dependent on nonrenewable energy! Please email to RSVP or for more information: renee@redesigninc.org or call 612-435-0279. Individual sessions available if you have a conflict with this time. Keep your eyes open for future opportunities that apply to businesses that don’t meet the criteria to host solar themselves.

Made in Minnesota Information Session:

Friday February 20, 2015 – 9:30 am

Seward Redesign Inc.

2619 East Franklin Ave

* Snacks and coffee will be served.

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