“I’ve been an active member of the SCCA because I like to be involved and know what’s going on with neighborhood businesses.”
SCCA Member: Rick Siewert, Siewert Cabinets

Annual Legislative Update Summary


On June 9th, businesses from Seward, Longfellow, and West of the Rail came together for the Annual Legislative Update. A delicious lunch was provided, courtesy of Gandhi Mahal.

State Representative Jim Davnie offered a summary of State legislative accomplishments and policy changes over the past two years. Jim’s talking points included: raising the minimum wage to $9.50 over the next two years; updates on various tax bills, including $167 million in tax cuts for Minnesota businesses; tax relief for homeowners, renters, and farmers; and improvements made under the Women’s Economic Security Act.

Mary Beth Davidson, Director of Intergovernmental Relations (IGR) at Hennepin County also gave a summary of legislative update on topics and their bills on the county level. She reviewed various bills involving affordable housing, criminal justice, environmental initiatives, taxation, transportation, and more.

Following the meeting, Ruhel Islam owner of Gandhi Mahal, lead a tour of their aquaoponics system in the lower level of the restaurant. He explained the process of using fish, fertilizer, and plants all in the same cycle to cultivate their own vegetables, herbs, and tilapia.






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