“We joined SCCA to learn from and work with other successful businesses in the Seward neighborhood.”
SCCA Member: Jim Welna, Welna II Hardware

May Business Buzz

Crime & Safety Meeting Wrap up

At April’s SCCA Membership Meeting, Crime Prevention Officer Shaun Tillman spoke with Seward business owners about crime and safety in Seward. We compared crime rates from 2013 to 2014 and learned about preventative methods in decreasing crime in our businesses and greater community.

City of Minneapolis crime reports show that burglary of Seward Businesses is up from just three last year, to five so far this year. Since burglaries take place while businesses are closed, many result in property damage. Officer Shaun reported that burglars are throwing rocks through windows to break in to many businesses, and exhorted business owners to move any large rocks from their landscaping.

Thankfully, we have had no robberies of businessess thus far, which is consistent with zero from 2013. Officer Shaun attributed this to the active and aware community, and the initiative taken by local businesses to install great security systems.

Seward Co-op was heralded by Officer Shaun as being a shining example of how preventative systems can reduce crime at a business. Co-op manager Leo Sanders says, “We’ve had great success using our security systems and working with the police department in decreasing instances of shoplifting and other crimes at Seward Co-op.”

For more information on security systems for your business, contact Leo Sanders: lsanders AT seward.coop

Ongoing Open Streets Planning


On August 17th, Franklin Ave. will be taken over from Portland Ave. to 28th Ave. for the Open Streets Minneapolis summer celebration! Open Streets Minneapolis hosts a series of events in the city throughout the course of the summer. Sponsors include BlueCross BlueShield MN, Seward Co-op, and Peace Coffee.

Planning is commencing for this event and if you have any ideas, or interested in joining Sheldon Mains (SPOKES) and Jim Welna (Welna II Hardware) in representing Seward during the planning process, please let us know at info@sewardbusiness.org.

Longfellow Market Opening

After many months of waiting, the Longfellow Market is finally open! Joel Ahlstrom, former owner of Riverside Market, opened the ‘old-fashioned’ themed store in mid-April and has had a warm welcome from the community. Find out more here.

Regulatory Services Q & A for Small Business

Does the city’s regulatory services department feel inaccessible to you? Lake Street Council has helped to maintain ongoing quarterly meetings for business association staff and business owners over the past few years, but it’s been awhile since we’ve had a more heavily promoted event for businesses to connect with inspectors and policy makers at Reg Services.

A great upcoming meeting on May 14 at the Sheraton Midtown Hotel will provide a unique forum for discussions of important issues ranging from food vs. liquor sales to expansion of premises to customer service at Reg Services. Join us at 2901 Chicago Ave from 2:00-4:00 on May 14 to learn about what this department is doing and ask any burning questions you might have. Please let us know at info@sewardbusiness.org if you plan to attend of if you have questions. FYI, future meetings area also planned for August 13 and November 12, and we’d love to have some SCCA members attend if you’re interested.

Spring offers New Growth for Verdant Tea

Last Summer, Verdant Tea opened it’s doors to the Seward Neighborhood. Since that time, the tasting room has become increasingly popular for meetings, meditation, and amazing tea. As of this Spring, Verdant is proud to introduce their lunch and dinner menu to its patrons. Check out their newly released dinner here.

Another great feature of Verdant Tea is their Kombucha selection they have on tap. In addition to expanding it’s menu selection, Verdant is now partnering with Seward Co-0p to sell their Kombucha in the co-op’s bulk section of the store.

More info here

Beer Tasting Hosted at Zipp’s Liquor

Interested in drinking some tasty craft beer for free? Come out to Zipp’s May 10th between 2pm – 4pm for their Craft Beer Extravaganza! The event is FREE for anyone over 21 years of age, with a valid ID of course. Come try different craft brews from dozens of breweries with a TON of selections for you to sample! What’s even better, there will be food trucks as well.

Find out more here

Seward Neighborhood Garage Sale

After all that Spring cleaning, you may be wanting to get rid of some of those old belongings you no longer want or use. Or, you may be in need of a stitched quilt, or game of Guess Who. Come search for Seward Treasure at this years Seward Neighborhood Garage Sale. There is already over 100 sales participating, and there’s always room for more! If you’re interested in participating with a sale of your own, follow the link above to register. This neighborhood-wide event will be taking place on Friday and Saturday, May 16th-17th.

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