“I’ve been an active member of the SCCA because I like to be involved and know what’s going on with neighborhood businesses.”
SCCA Member: Rick Siewert, Siewert Cabinets

New Member Profile – Bike Fixtation

Bike Vending

Cyclists who bike in Minneapolis know the importance of having convenient access to bike utilities and products. With warmer weather around the corner in one of the nation’s most bike-friendly cities, more and more cyclists will be coming out of hibernation. Consequently, many bikes will be in need of some minor and major repairs. Unfortunately, some of these needed repairs manifest themselves in the middle of a ride. In the event of a flat tire, broken chain, loose crank, etc., there are quick, convenient, and low- or no-cost options to resolve the issue without having to find a bike shop that is open.

Recently, I had a chance to sit down with Chad DeBaker, President of Bike Fixtation, and talk about his innovative business aimed to support cyclists all over the world. With so many bike shops in Minneapolis, DeBaker and his partners envisioned an alternative that would serve bicyclists in a different way.  Bike Fixtation designs and builds public work stations, bike pumps, and bike-product vending machines that assist cyclists in their bike assembly and repair.

Bike Fixtation has been in operation for approximately three years, and been in Seward for almost a year now. DeBaker chose Seward as a location to base the business out of because it’s close to his Minneapolis home, and also close to other like-minded businesses such as Nice Ride and Cycles for Change. Bike Fixtation has experienced gradual growth and positive press over its three year existence; from starting in DeBaker’s garage, to being featured in European coffee table books across the world.

Bike Fixtation has two kiosk locations in Minneapolis – one located in the Lake St. Light Rail Station, and another in the Uptown transit station. With the success of the stations, the company now has pumps, work stations, and vending machines all over the U.S. and countries across the world, including: Canada, Mexico, Western Europe, South America, and Australia.

With experience in mechanical engineering, biking, and a passion to support sustainable and healthy transportation, the Bike Fixtation team is making it easier for cyclists all over the world to keep riding.

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