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Chef Shack Officially Announces 31st & Franklin Location

The Chef Shack‘s highly regarded and frequently awarded food truck has sparked a lot of attention and interest to their first bricks and mortar location in Minnesota. Expanding from their original non-mobile home base in Bay City, WI, co-owners Lisa Carlson and Carrie Summer have big plans for 3025 East Franklin, including a walk-up window where customers can take a pit stop from their walks along the Mississippi River path for one of the pair’s famous scratch made donuts.

The redecorated dining room at the Chef Shack Ranch. Photo Source: Chef Shack

A few soft opening days have already transpired, and Chef Shack Ranch will focus initially on Thursday through Sunday opening times, in a relaxed format where folks order at the counter and food is delivered to their table. They will serve an American menu with a focus on high quality dishes for the carnivores in the neighborhood, as well as serving beer and wine. This building has had a series of restaurant tenants that have struggled to succeed. We think Chef Shack is just the right fit – between their intense loyalty from their food truck customers that will be drawn to this spot that says in one place, a newly revamped kitchen and redecorated interior, and a high quality dining experience for a reasonable price, they are sure to be the tenant 3025 has been waiting for! Be sure to check them out as they start being open regular weekend hours, and stop by the SCCA Holiday Celebration across the street to taste those donuts! (RSVP here)

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