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Hennepin County Offers Grants to Businesses to Increase Recycling

Did you know that nearly two-thirds of waste created at businesses is recyclable?  Having a strong recycling program conserves natural resources and reduces greenhouse gas emissions, can help a business’s bottom line, and demonstrates their commitment to sustainability to their customers.

Is your business recycling? Do you want to start or improve your current recycling program? Now you can!  Hennepin County is currently offerring grants of up to $50,000 for local businesses to start or improve current recycling programs.

Most businesses and non-profits in the county — from large office buildings to small churches, restaurants and apartment buildings — are eligible to apply. These grants can help with the purchase of containers, equipment purchase and installation, hauling service charges and minor improvements to loading docks and waste enclosures.

Hennepin County has staff available to answer questions about the grant application, review project ideas, evaluate potential costs and savings, and offer resources to start and improve recycling and organics programs. For more information and application materials, call 612-543-1316 or click HERE!

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