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Welcome to Verdant Tea!

verdant tea

David Duckler, owner of Verdant Tea, hosting the first tea tasting for their staff in the new tea house at 2111 East Franklin

Family legacies can come in many forms. For longtime Seward business owner Max Duckler and his son David, that legacy includes a solid head for business, a strongly held set of values, and a love for the community found in Seward. The similarities don’t stop there. Both Max’s business (CaptionMax, 2438 27th Ave South) and David’s (Verdant Tea, opening at 2111 East Franklin July 1) operated in downtown Minneapolis before relocating to Seward. CaptionMax redeveloped a blighted building across from Matthews Park into the beautiful, energy efficient world headquarters of the company. Though properties in other areas of the metro were considered as they planned their move, Seward was chosen because of Max’s loyalty to his largely urban and bicycle-commuting staff, and the neighborhood’s contribution to an active and dynamic work environment.

David also looked in other Minneapolis neighborhoods as he prepared to take the step to combining his warehouse, commercial kitchen, and office operations into a single space and open a public tea room.  He started the company out of a love for the culture surrounding tea that he investigated on his travels in China. Sharing the products of the farmers he met, along with their stories, was one way to promote what he’d learned. Opening a physical tea house is the next step on that journey. Seward felt to David and his wife and business partner Lily like a neighborhood where community would emerge very naturally around their business. Where Uptown can be a little too crowded, and Northeast a little disconnected, Seward has a natural pace that is a perfect fit for Verdant Tea.

The space will be multi purpose in nature: artists will use the walls as gallery space, a local ceramicist will have the traditional tiny cups and tea pots for sale, and yoga and meditation classes will be available most mornings to the public. They will host a scheduled Chinese tea ceremony every day, where the community can gather, slow down for a few minutes, chat, and sample Verdant Tea’s wares.

And community is already being built at 2111 East Franklin. Verdant Tea will continue to share kitchen space with Birchwood Cafe – they share many values about transparency and thoughtfulness in providing their products, as well as understanding the importance of slowing down to fully experience the food and drink you consume. But the partnership will extend beyond sharing space – Birchwood is carrying Verdant’s delicious chai, and their chef, is currently developing a tea-inspired tasting menu that will be served at the tea house with the appropriate tea pairings.

Verdant has also begun a partnership with Sweet Science Ice Cream, which has been getting tremendous attention from Twin Cities foodies. She will be moving her operation into 2111, and will have ice cream for sale in the front of house there. As if that wasn’t enough, Real Deal Chocolates will be using the kitchen at night to make coconut milk truffles infused with Verdant Tea products. All in all, this is a company to watch, to visit, and to be proud is in our neighborhood.

Soft Opening: 7/1

Grand Opening: Soon after, TBA


Lily and David Duckler, co-owners of Verdant Tea


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