“With monthly SCCA meetings we have been able to address many concerns and interests of the local businesses in a timely way.”
SCCA Member: Suzanne Weinstein, Coastal Seafoods

Ivy Building Arts Fest

The Ivy Building tenants will open their studios to the public this weekend. From 6-9 Friday evening, the 12th, and 11am-5pm on Saturday, you can visit Seward artists and view or purchase their work. The Vine Arts Center, which provides gallery space to all kinds of artists. They will provide refreshments and have new work on display through the weekend and during regular gallery hours through the beginning of November. If you haven’t had the chance to check out this neighborhood asset, this is a great opportunity. See you there!

Click here for a map of the studios and more information about the event

Click here for examples of Vine Arts Center artists’ work

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