“It’s great to be with folks who are facing similar challenges and want to make our community better.”
SCCA Member: Jim Welna, Welna II Hardware

A Community-Oriented Approach for 2nd Moon Café

At 2nd Moon Café on Franklin, the owners and staff are all about people. The business was bought by Jay and Laura Fritzke earlier this year, and the new ownership is very clear about their commitment to rededicating the shop to the community. The shop will soon be reinvented as Precision Grind – a reference to the metalworking shop that previously occupied the space at 2225 Franklin – and Jay and Laura hope to use their previous business experience to create a space that is community and customer-oriented.

Since coming into the space, the new owners have spoken continuously about how welcome they feel in Seward’s business community. 2nd Moon has faced a number of challenges during the improvement of its business operations, and Jay and Laura have said that their neighbors in Seward have been “unbelievably fabulous” in their support of the shop’s efforts to improve their finances and aesthetic appeal. By restructuring the business practices and investing in visual aspects of the shop, the new owners hope to create a business that is comfortable, community-friendly, and ecologically responsible. The couple’s previous business experience has served them well, and their hard work has transformed the shop into a unique, energetic place that appeals to Seward’s diverse population.

Besides the shop’s investments in aesthetic elements such as lighting, brightly colored walls, and visually stimulating décor, Jay and Laura have also shown their commitment to the people of Seward by keeping and retraining the staff from the previous shop. With the help of Roastery 7, the café has been able to provide barista training for their employees, which will allow the new shop to provide a consistently higher level of products and customer service. The owners have also created a management position and promoted a long time barista who has now worked through three ownership transfers at the shop in an effort to bridge the communication gap between employees and themselves. Jay and Laura firmly believe that this people-oriented approach to business ownership will improve 2nd Moon’s business practices and allow them to achieve their goals for the shop in the future. The café will soon complete its transformation with the changing of its name to Precision Grind, and we are very excited to welcome them into the Seward business community.

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