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Seward Business Profile: KOKOON

Designer Laine Sou Weinberg in the Seward headquarters of KOKOON


KOKOON: Boutique without Borders

The industrial park between Minnehaha and 26th Street is home to an interesting mix of businesses, including roofing and construction companies, transportation and distribution centers. Among these more typical industrial park occupants is an attractive storefront that houses KOKOON, a design studio and warehouse owned and operated by fashion designer Laine Sou Weinberg. KOKOON is a contemporary women’s clothing line designed right in Seward and sold nationally through private trunk shows. Weinberg’s designs are all produced in the United States, primarily by small manufacturers in California, and typically in very small runs, 150 or fewer per item. The exclusivity of the brand is a significant part of its appeal for the national network of sellers, all of whom operate independently. The company had success in national department stores in the 1990s, but has ultimately morphed into a direct sale model that Weinberg says is revolutionary. She does not rely on buyers for chain stores to let her know what the trends are – she sees what sells directly to customers and adapts to their real needs. The close relationship with clients also means that KOKOON can cultivate loyalty by providing a consistently excellent product. Weinberg places tremendous emphasis on quality, and has built long term relationships with her producers that assure her clients will be satisfied.

Weinberg moved KOKOON into their current building in 2009 and enjoys running her studio among Seward’s unique mix of commercial and industrial businesses.

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