“We joined SCCA to learn from and work with other successful businesses in the Seward neighborhood.”
SCCA Member: Jim Welna, Welna II Hardware

2015 Business Honor Roll Recipients

Each year the SCCA Board of Directors selects two businesses from the Seward Neighborhood to honor with the SCCA Business Honor Roll Award. The 2015 awards were announced at the Annual Celebration in December and went to Suzanne Weinstein of Coastal Seafoods and Bethany Lutheran Church for the Soup for You program.

Honor Roll Award Suzanne Weinstein Coastal Seafoods

(Photo: SCCA President Joe Buck with Suzanne Weinstein)

Suzanne Weinstein of Coastal Seafood’s accomplishments include:

  • For 30 years your business has provided a wonderful selection of fish to the Midwest through two retail locations and a thriving wholesale business supplying over 200 restaurants and co-op grocery stores.
  • The numerous classes Coastal Seafoods sponsors have educated hundreds of folks on the pleasures of preparing and eating great fish from around the world.
  • You have successfully mentored employees who have gone on to establish their own businesses based on the knowledge and passion you have shared.
  • You serve on a number of boards including the Seward Civic and Commerce Association, Metro IBA and Redesign.
  • You have been active in helping to shape the wonderful transformation of the Seward Commons area into a planned transit oriented development.
  • The purchase of the property on Snelling Avenue and your plan to transform it into a world-class wellness center is a wonderful addition to the community.
  • You support urban farming by sharing your available land.
  • You host and donate the food for the annual fall SCCA social and numerous other events.
  • You quietly give when you see the need as evidenced by your continuous generosity to the Community Meal Program at Bethany Lutheran Church.

Honor Roll Award Mike Matson Bethany Lutheran

(Photo: Mike Matson of Bethany Lutheran)


Pastor Mike Matson accepted the award on behalf of Bethany Lutheran Church and the Soup for You program:

  • SCCA recognizes Bethany Lutheran Church for the establishment of the community meal that is provided here in the Seward Community.
  • In your first year, over 10,000 healthy nutritional meals have been served. Monday through Friday a racially, ethnically, economically and religiously diverse group of people sit down to share wonderful soup and conversation. A dedicated core of volunteers serves this meal.
  • We want to acknowledge the leadership provided by John Karason, Church Council President. John is committed to Bethany being a vital and active part of the Seward neighborhood.
  • We extend a special thanks to Judah Nataf, the Soup Master and creator of Soup for You, who had a vision to provide healthy meals to everyone in our community regardless of their economic means. His passion and talent to create a wide range of delicious soups every day attracts a following from throughout the Twin Cities.
  • Pastor Mike, you have a fantastic ability to make things happen when others would find a reason not to move forward. We are thankful for your work and the continued presence of Bethany Lutheran Church in the Seward neighborhood.


Congratulations to the 2014 SCCA Business Honor Roll recipients!

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