“It’s great to be with folks who are facing similar challenges and want to make our community better.”
SCCA Member: Jim Welna, Welna II Hardware

SCCA Board Elections Held on December 17

It’s that time again – yes, the holiday season, but also the annual SCCA board member elections! At our Annual Celebration & Board Elections on Thursday, December 17, Seward businesses and civic members will cast ballots to elect the 2016 SCCA Board of Directors. For more than 50 years, SCCA has represented Seward’s vibrant business and civic community, and helped to make Seward a great place to work and live in.

The board would like to send a huge THANK YOU! to two outgoing board members, Jennifer Schoenzeit, owner of Zipp’s Liquors; and Jenny Larson, owner of Jennifer Larson Communications Design. Jennifer Schoenzeit has been serving as the SCCA Treasurer, and her enthusiasm, generosity and ability to get things done has been of great service to the organization. Jenny Larson has been a board member since 2008. The board has benefitted from Jenny’s sunny personality, her commitment to the community, and her graphic design and photography skills. She also coordinates the Seward Solopreneurs, a group of home-based businesses and entrepreneurs. Both Jennifers will be greatly missed!

The board seats 11 members, each member serving 3 year terms. There are 3 current board members running for re-election, and 3 additional open seats. Have you ever considered joining the SCCA Board? If you are curious and would like more information, contact us at info@sewardbusiness.org

2016 Board Candidates

Mekbib Dersoligne – Wells Fargo Bank

Mekbib is a Business Banker at the Wells Fargo branch at 26th & East Franklin and is running for the SCCA Board for the first time. He sits on a loan committee for a local East African development group, and looks forward to connecting more with the Seward business community.


Kerry Cashman

Kerry Cashman

Kerry Cashman – Seward Neighborhood Group

Kerry is the Community Coordinator for the Seward Neighborhood Group (SNG), and as such she coordinates events like the Seward Garage Sale weekend, the Garden Tour, King’s Fair and the Seward Winer Frolic. She also fundraises, coordinates volunteers, and is a contributing editor of the Seward Profile publication as part of her work at SNG. Kerry has served one year on the SCCA board, and her perspective and experience have been a great asset.

Rick Siewert

Rick Siewert

Rick Siewert – Siewert Cabinet & Fixture Manufacturing

Rick has served 2 terms on the SCCA board, and is currently our Vice President. He is the owner of Siewert Cabinet, a full service provider of commercial cabinetry, including millwork, casework, fixtures and furniture. The business was founded in 1965 by Wayne Siewert in his Seward home, has been in the neighborhood ever since, and now employs more than 35 people. Rick has continued the family tradition, and graciously hosts the monthly SCCA board meetings around his hand-crafted conference table.

Renee Spillum

Renee Spillum

Renee Spillum – Seward Redesign

Renee is a Project Manager at Seward Redesign, and a former staff person for SCCA. She was appointed by the SCCA board in 2015 to complete the term of a resigning member. Her work at Redesign is focused on business development, commercial leasing and new development projects. She also works on fundraising, infrastructure planning, and solar energy projects. Renee’s knowledge of SCCA and her enthusiasm for community development are a valued addition to the SCCA board.

All current SCCA members are encouraged to join us to celebrate the year and vote for the 2016 Board candidates on December 17 from 4 – 6 pm at Joan of Art Gallery: click here to RSVP.

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