“SCCA is my way to give back and help grow our local business community, which is key to keeping Seward as a sustainable neighborhood.”
SCCA Member: Tracy Singleton, Birchwood Café

Crime Prevention & Restorative Justice Go Hand in Hand


At the October member meeting of the Seward Civic & Commerce Association (SCCA), guest presenters offered insights into how individuals and businesses can both prevent crime and work with offenders in the aftermath of crimes committed. 3rd Precinct Crime Prevention Specialist Shun Tillman updated the group on recent crime statistics in the Seward area, while MPD Officer David Menter offered helpful information on common complaints of panhandling, public drunkenness and thefts.

According to Officer Menter, smart phones are the most commonly stolen item. He says it’s common sense not to walk down the street with eyes glued to your smart phone, yet it’s a common practice that we see every day. People looking to steal smart phones look for easy victims, so be aware! Businesses were also encouraged to invest in high resolution security cameras if theft or shoplifting is a frequent occurrence.

If a crime in our community has been committed by a juvenile, Michele Braley of the Seward Longfellow Restorative Justice Partnership will sometimes get a call. Michele explained to the SCCA meeting that restorative justice is an alternative to the criminal justice system where young offenders and their victims come together voluntarily to hear each other’s stories and where the offender can make amends for their harmful behavior.

Seward and Longfellow businesses that have participated in this process include Target, Welna II Hardware and many others. To learn more, contact Program Manager Michele Braley at 612-338-6205 ext. 108 or visit their Facebook page.

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