“We joined SCCA to learn from and work with other successful businesses in the Seward neighborhood.”
SCCA Member: Jim Welna, Welna II Hardware

Bicycle Benefits Program for Local Businesses

Bicycle Benefits

Minneapolis is host to one of the largest bicycling communities in the country. As the city continues to become more bike-friendly, companies now have the opportunity to enhance their business while promoting healthy and sustainable transportation all across the Twin Cities!

Bicycle Benefits is an incentive program which connects cyclists with businesses willing to offer discounts and rewards to those who bike to their establishment. The program works to create city and nation-wide networks of bicycle friendly businesses who support increased bicycle access and ridership. (http://bb2.bicyclebenefits.org/)

This program is a WIN-WIN for cyclists and businesses! By welcoming cyclists with discounts & rewards, your business will enjoy new customers, increase customer loyalty, increase revenue from selling Bicycle Benefits products, and receive free advertising from the Bicycle Benefits website and future printed listings.

Participation in the program involves 2 simple steps:

1.  Create a discount or reward that you can offer to cyclists who display the program sticker on their helmet

2.  Make an initial $24 investment that includes 10 helmet stickers(2.50 each), a window decal and a counter card explaining the program and advertises the stickers for sale. Stickers should be sold for $5 each to customers and they will be accepted at participating location locally and nationwide.

The Bicycle Benefits website www.bicyclebenefits.org is linked to all of the 1000+ participating establishments and describes the discount/reward available for participants. This acts as a local and national roster for participating cyclists to search out and discover new bicycle-friendly businesses.

The Bicycle Benefits program benefits the local economy, individual health, helps reduce auto traffic and parking demand and helps build and strengthen the connection between businesses and customers which is a benefit to the overall health of our community. Let’s continue to build on the movement to get more bicycles on the streets of the Twin Cities, enriching the lives of individuals and the health of the overall environment.


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