“SCCA is my way to give back and help grow our local business community, which is key to keeping Seward as a sustainable neighborhood.”
SCCA Member: Tracy Singleton, Birchwood Café

Chakra Khan – New Member Profile


Jesse Haas, of Chakra Khan

As Chakra Khan set out to move in 2008 from their original North Loop location, Seward had some magnetism for them. Founder Jesse Haas had worked at the Birchwood (part of her path to full engagement in the whole foods movement), had befriended the Growing Lots farmers, taught classes at the Seward Coop, and just felt drawn to the identity and feel of this neighborhood. Along with the four other practitioners at Chakra Khan, Jesse has found that locating in Seward comes with the benefit of neighbors who are very loyal to their local businesses. While Chakra Khan has clients from all over the metro area, they have found themselves sought out by Seward residents looking for health and wellness providers in the neighborhood.

After a brief look at the Mezzanine building, Jesse landed at the Ivy Building, which has a very diverse set of tenants, from artists to micro-enterprise to other wellness providers. In fact, the Chakra Khan suite is right next door to Three Treasures Community Acupuncture Clinic, which has led to helpful cross-referrals for clients who might benefit. Chakra Khan itself provides a very holistic and diverse set of services, from Thai massage to nutrition counseling, psychology to rehabilitative bodywork therapy, and the practitioners all look at health from an entire body standpoint. Jesse herself has followed a winding path to her career, beginning in massage therapy school, after which her interest in local whole foods led to a degree in nutrition.  She now provides services ranging from nutrition and health coaching to a unique form of abdominal massage that assists with digestion, all with an overall holistic health lens.

You’ll probably see Jesse around at SCCA events this year, including Solopreneurs and membership meetings. Make sure you welcome her, and Chakra Khan, to the SCCA!


A massage studio in Chakra Khan’s Ivy Building location.

Check out the website for more information about the variety of services and philosophy of this great business: www.chakra-khan.com.

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