“SCCA is a dynamic organization that is responsive to the business community.”
SCCA Member: Suzanne Weinstein, Coastal Seafoods

Jennifer & Jim Honored

We thought we’d share a few reasons these two were chosen this year.

Board Member Jim Welna (Welna II Hardware) put the following list together about why we are so grateful to Jennifer and Zipp’s:

•    Under your leadership, Zipps has continuously invested in expanding and improving the physical structure on our main street Franklin Avenue.
•    The exterior of the building with its vintage sign and cool mural adds to the character of our business district and our reputation as an eclectic neighborhood for visitors and residents alike.
•     Zipps has been on the forefront of offering locally-made craft beers, selling affordable great wines from around the world and hiring fantastic people to provide information to both new and experienced consumers.
•    You use your background with Walt Disney and Marriott to assure that Zipps provides world-class customer service.  Your work as a ski instructor in Colorado keeps you excited about our Minnesota winters.
•    You are generous with your time and the resources of Zipp’s, giving back to the community throughout the year at many events, making it easy for area non-profits and businesses to throw a party.
•    Your staff famously offer their bodyguard services to nearby workers who ask to be escorted to their cars after dark – that is evidence of the community-oriented company culture you’ve encouraged at Zipp’s.  
•    The presence of your dog, Miss Frankie, reassures your customers and neighbors that all is well.

And Sean Doyle, former board member from the Seward Coop, and a long time customer of Jim’s, found many things to point out about his barber shop:

•    That you and your father before you have operated this barbershop for over 50 years
•    The welcome you provide all who come to your shop to make use of your services
•    The personal touch that you exhibit by knowing the names and stories of so many of your customers.
•    By fostering a sense of community through your commitment to listening to and sharing with your customers the news of the neighborhood.
•    By further building this sense of community by introducing customers who happen into the shop at the same time.
•    Because you offer a price break for those who are on fixed incomes, like seniors and the handicapped who live in the neighborhood
•    Because you make house calls to long term neighbors who can no longer make it to the shop
•    And finally for the indelible contribution that a service business like yours contributes to the livability and sustainability of our neighborhood

Take a minute to stop by and say congratulations to Jennifer and Jim!


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