“It’s great to be with folks who are facing similar challenges and want to make our community better.”
SCCA Member: Jim Welna, Welna II Hardware

2014 SCCA – New Board, Plans in Motion

SCCA has exciting plans for the new year. First. we’d like to announce two new board members that have joined us for three year terms:


Lily Duckler, co-owner of Seward’s Verdant Tea, has hit the ground running in the neighborhood. We’ve enjoyed watching her business thrive in the former Seward Co-op building since May of 2013, and Lily brings great expertise in social media, marketing, photography and design.

Lily was interested in being on the board because, “partnership and real cooperation between businesses has been one of the founding principles of the way I strive to do business, because I believe it is one of the most effective ways an entire community can grow together and strengthen each other.”

Nick Seeberger Head Shot

Nick Seeberger, has worked at the Seward Coop for 12 years, and in the capacity of Store Manager for 5. He brings the valuable perspective of the coop to our board, as well as expertise managing the demands of a busy retail floor.

Nick brings great board experience as well as deep ties to the community, “I am the board chair of Community Child Care Center, where my youngest child currently attends, and have been on the board for the last 4 years. I served as the Ward 1 representative on the Saint Paul Tree Advisory panel (2011-2012). ”

Welcome to both of you! These two will be attending many member meetings this year, so come on out to meet them.


Second: We are beginning to work on processing what we heard from those of you who attended the October Planning meeting. There are several ideas we hope to begin implementing, including creating an online connection or forum where we can share directly with each other both skills and resources – ever have leftovers from a big event? Maybe let your neighbor businesses know they can come help you eat up those last cookies. Have a piece of equipment you are looking to buy or sell? Let’s keep those deals in the neighborhood when we can. Have a skill that you’d like to share with a new entrepreneur (maybe they’d have something to teach you, too) – we can help connect people’s expertise with the needs of others in this way. We’ll keep you posted as we make progress.

Third: We are well on our way to getting some solar power projects underway for spring. It’s not too late if you’re still interested – all you need is positive net worth and to anticipate owing in taxes over the next 2-3 years. Contact us at info@sewardbusiness.org if you’re interested.

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