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Small Business Utility Scam Targeting Xcel Customers

This information was forwarded to us from Ruth Romano from the Longfellow Neighborhood Association. It appears that scammers are targetting Minneapolis business owners.

Recently, one of the businesses on E Lake Street received a call from someone representing Xcel Energy telling the business that their check bounced and their power was going to be shut off in 45 minutes unless they obtained a pre-paid credit card with the balance due to give to the representative.  They stated that they would also have the business sign a new contract.

Xcel Energy and any other utility companies do not do business this way and if you receive such a call, contact your utility company immediately.  This is not a new scam.  Excel Energy had actually sent a press release earlier this year to warn businesses.  To view their crime prevention information and information about the scam, click HERE!

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