“We joined SCCA to learn from and work with other successful businesses in the Seward neighborhood.”
SCCA Member: Jim Welna, Welna II Hardware

Business Buzz

True Thai

You’ve probably heard by now that True Thai, which has been a mainstay of the Seward neighborhood for over ten years, has closed its doors. Financial and legal issues, some of which have been discussed in the press over the past month or so, resulted in the business deciding to shut down their Franklin Avenue operation. Significant interest in the space from other restaurants has already started to surface, but if you know of any restauranteurs who would be interested in taking up the mantel of operating at the corner of 27th and Franklin, you can refer them to Nancy@Redesigninc.org or to us at info@sewardbusiness.org.

Mosaic Sculpture

Articulture, Seward’s great arts non-profit, has spearheaded an effort to create a new gateway to the neighborhood from those entering from the west on Franklin. The sculpture is a beautiful glass mosaic that represents what it means to call Seward home all year round. You can see a panel that represents autumn here and more pictures here. The sculpture will be 8 feet tall and is the shape of a house. The mosaic work has been done in collaboration with local teenagers, which provides a positive environment for them to learn, socialize, and express their creativity. The original grant for the project was submitted in collaboration with SNG and the business community. There is just $1500 left to raise to fund the project, and SCCA is challenging businesses to contribute – for every dollar you donate, we will match it, and the Seward Co-op will as well, making your $100 donation worth $300 to the project. You can write checks directly to ArtiCulture (just put ‘Mosaic Sculpture’ in the memo line), just let us know you did so we can send in the match amounts! Send donations to 2613 East Franklin Avenue¬†¬†Minneapolis, MN 55406.

Safety Update

With an uptick of crime in the late summer/early fall, the SNG Crime and Safety Committee had a packed house for their quarterly meeting on Monday night. Many of Crime Prevention Specialist Shun Tillman’s tips are becoming familiar, but it’s good to be reminded of a few things:

-Always dial 911 if there’s an event in progress that worries you. If something happens – a break in, an attempted robbery, etc – be sure to file a police report. It helps police so much when people share information with them in a formal way. Even if one attempted crime is thwarted, it can help show the geographic area where activity is happening and establish behavior patterns.

-Lock 1st story windows and doors, even if you’re at home, and keep valuables out of sight. If you’re nervous to walk home alone, call someone who can walk with you, and put your cell phone away while walking so you can pay full attention. As Shun says, it is sad we have to be conscious of potential danger in our everyday, but most folks committing crimes are looking for the easiest opportunities, and you can take steps to make yourself a less appealing potential victim.

Officer Tillman will be with us at Tracy’s on the 16th to briefly discuss these and other issues with us.

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