“SCCA is my way to give back and help grow our local business community, which is key to keeping Seward as a sustainable neighborhood.”
SCCA Member: Tracy Singleton, Birchwood Café

August Business Buzz

Beez Kneez moving to Seward

After putting significant effort and time into their original Longfellow Honey House, Beez Kneez has run into an insurmountable obstacle preventing them from completing the renovations to the building where they started their bricks and mortar build out. While this was a disappointing turn of events, we are pleased that Seward had a space to offer – in Redesign’s Seward Commons project, next door to SPOKES, at 2204 Minnehaha. Keep your ears open for grand opening party announcements. Check out the owners’ announcement here:

Beez Kneez Supporters and Friends, we have some sad news. from Erin Rupp on Vimeo.


Bab’s Casting looking for babies for a photoshoot

5 mos-14 mos old Hispanic, Asian, African American/multi ethnic babies needed for a print casting Tues 8/13 in NE Mpls. Audition times must be set up through Babs Casting. (babs@babscasting.com, 612-332-6858). Deadline to schedule is 5pm Fri 8/9. Babies will be seen in their diapers only. Plan on 30+ minutes total for the audition. If chosen, your baby will be needed 1-3 hours this Fall and would be paid for the photo shoot. More details available via Babs Casting. Spread the word!

Sensory Environment Design Burglary

Over four separate nights in a row, a career criminal with multiple prior offenses broke into Sensory Environmental Design, an audio visual company located at 2746 31st Avenue South. On the first night, the thief stole several small items. The police were called the next day and came to fingerprint and look at SED’s security footage. The same man broke in again the next night, taking some larger ticket items. On the third night, police had stepped up their patrols, but were surprisedĀ  when he showed up for a third time, managing to get away undetected with expensive big screen televisions. On the next night, the police were waiting, and apprehended the suspect when he broke in for a fourth time. According to Andy Krumiach (brother of business owner Paul Krumiach), SED were impressed with the concern the police showed for their situation, and are glad that the burgler was caught. They are now in the process of upgrading their own security systems now, to prevent any future problems.


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