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Big River Yoga Moving to Seward

Chris Gordon, owner of Big River Yoga

The former Three Smooth Stones yoga studio has been sold to Big River Yoga – a similarly minded yoga instructor and Thai massage practitioner relocating from St Paul. Chris Gordon, Big River’s owner, learned Thai massage 15 years ago. He had been teaching yoga for years, and after a couple of different friends and clients told him about their experience with Thai Massage, he wanted to learn more. His study ultimately led him to two extended trips to Thailand where he honed his craft. Thai massage is characterized by rhythmic compression, joint mobilization, and deep stretching techniques – a natural partner of yoga practice.

Chris’s studio on Selby Avenue in St Paul has been open for over three years. He is excited to move across the river to a neighborhood he feels exudes a strong sense of community. He has known Tracy Singleton, owner of the Birchwood Cafe, for years as a student, and now she’ll be his across-the-street neighbor. In the years he worked downtown, he used to ride his bike on the river road and loves that amenity of the neighborhood. Chris lived in an intentional community in Portland, an experience that he says “stirred up a desire for community every place I’ve been since.” He finds that sense here in Seward, and we are so glad to have him and Big River Yoga as a new part of our business community! He will be getting the new place set up with a local interior designer over the next few weeks and will open up shop this fall.

List of Class Times (most will stay the same in the new location)


Address: 3336 East 25th

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