“With monthly SCCA meetings we have been able to address many concerns and interests of the local businesses in a timely way.”
SCCA Member: Suzanne Weinstein, Coastal Seafoods

Changes to Articles of Incorporation

At our January meeting, SCCA made some changes to the organization’s articles of incorporation.. Here is a list of the changes:
-Throughout the document, the term “businessmen” was changed to “businesspeople.”
-The address of the organization was updated.
-The clarity of statements that defined Seward’s neighborhood boundaries was improved.
-The number of board members was changed from between 9 and 25 to between 7 and 11.
-Restrictions regarding the timing of the annual meeting and board member voting were changed.
-The required quorum for voting was changed from 7 members to 15 members.
-A stipulation was added that allows electronic communication to serve as notice for members of meetings, and that allows electronic voting.

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