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SCCA Member: Tracy Singleton, Birchwood Café

News: Growing Lots Goes Viral

As social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter become increasingly vital in the visibility and marketing of small businesses, finding the right hook to catch potential customers is critical to successful use of these tools. In today’s hi-tech, online world, if the right image or display catches someone’s eye, it can go viral in a matter of hours. Our own “Urban Farmer of Seward” from Growing Lots Urban Farm recently struck Internet gold with a blog post describing a clever above-ground potato tower that made its way onto the popular Pinterest website.

Pinterest is a social photo sharing website that allows users to build their own image collections that features their interests and hobbies. Users can look through other users’ ‘pinboards’ and ‘re-pin’ photos onto their own collection. Users can also pin images onto their collection from websites, blogs, or their personal collections.